The Upside Down

Your quiet little town has always had weird unexplained events occur but now they seem to be getting worse. A local scientist fears that a monster is about to be released through a portal from another dimension. Do you have what it takes to close the portal and save us all?

Difficulty: Easy-Medium

Area 51

There are rumors of an alien power source that can power the world for thousands of generations. Only problem is there are very powerful people doing everything they can to make sure it never gets out. You and your team need to discover the truth, expose the lies and extract the power source. Do you have what it takes to risk everything for the greater good?

Difficulty: Medium-Hard


Mummy's tomb

An old friend has contacted you out of the blue and is rambling on about an ancient Egyptian tomb and the scepter of immortality. He does not go into too much detail but he seems to be in trouble and you are the only person he can trust. He says there are bad people after him and he fears he will not be able to complete his mission. Can you and your team finish what he started and keep the scepter from falling into the wrong hands?

Difficulty: Medium